Radius Garden Root Slayer Edger XL

The Root Slayer Edger XL is an extended length version of the Root Slayer Edger providing extra leverage with a longer, conventionally shaped handle.  It’s great for taller gardeners and great for people who prefer a long straight handle to our patented O-handle grip.  If you’ve ever hit roots with a half-moon edger while trying to cut that perfect line in the sod or reclaim the crisp edge along your sidewalk or driveway, you’ll already know why you need a Root Slayer. Conventional edgers literally bounce or slide off of roots, while the Root Slayer Edger can slice right through them.  Non-latex grip on pultruded fiberglass shaft. Lifetime Guarantee.

Blade Length = 6″, Blade Width = 10″ at top of step, Total Length = 52.5″, Weight: 5 lbs, Material: Tempered Mid-Carbon Steel blade, reinforced pultruded fiberglass shaft, and thermoplastic elastomer grip.