Natural Spring & Summer Lawn Fertilizer

Features : “Helps with soil structure and water retention. Fertilizer for spring and early summer application; which increases soil organic matter • Promotes the development of microbial life in the soil >> Fertilizer that promotes the growth of a dense and green lawn. Rich in organic matter which naturally improves water retention. The spring-summer formulation is specially designed for the organic needs of this period. It will help you get a more vigorous; dense lawn that is resistant to insects and diseases. A simple and effective program! Apply Acti-Sol 7-3-2 lawn fertilizer (step 1 & 2) in the spring; as soon as the soil allows it. Then; 6 weeks later; reapply Acti-Sol 7-3-2 lawn fertilizer (step 1 & 2). In September; apply Acti-Sol 4-3-9 lawn fertilizer (step 3) for maximum efficiency. Ingredients: chicken manure; iron; feather flour.”