Homeowner Wheelbarrow 5 cu. Ft

Features : Proyard 5 Cu Ft Wheelbarrow Homeowner grade wheelbarrow is small enough for easy maneuvering but big enough to get the job done. From mulching to general cleanup, it is the perfect size for lots of jobs around the home and yard. • Bucket Colour: Green • Bucket Material: Powder Coated Steel • Bucket Cu Ft Capacity: 5 cu.ft. • Bucket Load Capacity: 150KG/330LB • Bucket Water Capacity: 80L/17.5Gal • Handle Material: Steel • Handle Length: 1500mm/59in • Grips On Handles • Type of Tire: Air Tire • Dimensions of Tire: 16inX4.00-8 • Assembled Unit Overall Dimensions Length x Width x Height: 1500mm(59in)x740mm(29.1′)x605mm(23.8in) • Assembled Unit Weight: 18.5KG