JENKINS 8′ Hydraulic Angle Snow Blade

The Jenkins Iron & Steel commercial-grade Hydraulic Angle Snow Blade is the answer to all of your snow clearing needs! Featuring a full trip blade with dual cylinder hydraulic angle allowing up to a 30° angle, this blade will make short work of any snow fall. Featuring an automatic tilt mounting plate the blade will follow contoured roads allowing for maximum efficiency.

Our adjustable blade height ensures you will not accidentally roll back your sod, or scrape off your class 5 prior to ground freeze. The hardened reversible bolt on the replaceable cutting edge makes this product easy to use and ensures longevity.

These blades are hydraulically protected through a breakaway manifold; if you are plowing at an angle and catch an edge, it will allow the blade to come back to center without hurting the attachment.

Like all Jenkins attachments it comes with hoses, cylinders and couplers so it will be ready to go right from the pallet!